Ami excels in providing diverse real estate services to meet your requirement. When searching for “real estate agent near me” in South Florida, it would be a surprise if you didn’t come across her. She is one of the preferred real estate agent in town, and every business dealing with the real sector happens to know her somehow. Ami loves to work with buyers and sellers, but is also available if you are looking for a rental property.

Buyer Representation.

As one of the top real estate agents in South Florida, Ami Garcia is completely aware of your excitement about finding the perfect place that you can call home! Whether it is your first purchase or you are moving from a rented house, it is crucial to work with a realtor you can trust. Finding the perfect location from the listings for sale is the first step in the process to make a successful purchase, and you can count Ami for this assignment.

Ami Garcia is an expert in price negotiations and knows how to strike a perfect deal for your new house. With years of working with several clients and real estate agents in Florida, she knows what it takes to help you throughout the process and ensure a smooth transaction. Ami is fully aware of the property prices and neighborhoods in Miami-Dade and Broward County and can identify the home that matches your interest.

Why buy your house through Ami?

Out of hundreds of realtors out there, why should you choose Ami? Well, dealing in real estate is quite risky, and the majority of agents are reluctant to take complete responsibility when it comes to buying a home in South Florida or any other area. Purchasing your house is a big deal, and there are zero chances of error. Several stories in media narrate how realtors sometimes dodge and hesitate to reveal the true characteristics of property just to close the deal.

With such risks involved, you wouldn’t want an inexperienced or irresponsible person to handle the most important decision of your life. Ami has great experience working as a real estate agent and knows everything from the best places to buy a house in South Florida to the neighborhood of your choice.

Are you a first time home buyer South Florida? Nothing to worry about! We help new buyers get over with the anxiety and stress that comes with the first time home buyer. Get personal assistance and consultancy today by dropping us a message using the contact form.

Seller Representation.

Your decision to sell a home can be because of several reasons. Whatever is it, Ami Garcia is here to help you during the entire procedure. She ensures that your home is sold swiftly with the best possible price and is fully aware of the best time to sell a house in South Florida. Not only this, but Ami goes a step ahead to escalate the process by listing your property and connecting prospective buyers while coming up with custom marketing plans where necessary.

Ami Garcia will professionally handle the negotiation process and provide you with a comprehensive comparative statement. She has the knowledge and tools to set your listing apart, via constant exposure through Multiple Listing Services (MLS), social media platforms, and partner’s websites. Ami’s expertise includes providing a quick solution for your real estate problems, and she is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals as early as possible.


If you are in search of the best condo, apartment, or townhomes for rent, you are at the right place! Ami Gracia is among the top realtors in South Florida and is ready to kick-start the process of getting you a rental property without any stress. In addition to this, Ami works closely with partners and listing sites to present you with the best deal that falls within your budget.

Ami Garcia is available to help you through the rental process and get you an ideal location in your preferred county. She has all it takes to negotiate deposits, annual rental rates, and discounts on your behalf to provide a stress-free experience in your new residence.


Our goal is to make your relocation to Miami-Dade or Broward County a smooth and easy experience! Moving from another state or city, or even relocating from one neighborhood to another can be challenging if you are not aware of the market dynamics and real estate knowledge.

With so much at stake, Ami works directly with you and ensure that each of your need is met as per your requirements. She has a lot of experience as a realtor and has helped numerous families relocate to their new home. When it comes to client satisfaction, she is best known for her listening and identifying the individual needs of the client through continuous personalized services throughout the process.